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Shayla Rivera

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Shayla Rivera grew up with an avid interest in science. After High School she earned a degree in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M. She worked for NASA in the shuttle and space station programs, then went on to stress management and motivational speaking where Shayla discovered her comedic talents.

Shayla has been named "Funniest Latina Comedian" by the prestigious organization "Latin 2015", starred in her one-woman show “Rocket Science and Salsa,” directed by Debbie Allen, which received two nominations, for best actress and for choreography, by the NAACP Theater Awards committee, and has appeared on many TV networks and on numerous TV programs including “Girls Behaving Badly,” “Ultimate Revenge”, and "Comics Unleashed.” Shayla appeared in the Comedy Central special “Comedy Rehab” with Paul Rodriguez and hosted the 13 episode TV series “You’re Not The Man I Married” for the Lifetime Real Women Network.

Among the many awards Shayla has received are The President’s Volunteer Service Award from the President’s Council on Service Participation and The “Mario Moreno Cantinflas Award” by the city of Los Angeles in recognition of entertainers who are involved and "represent the Latino Community with the same humor as the great Cantinflas did."

Shayla is very proud of entertaining US troops in Iraq and numerous other Military Comedy Tours over the years. Not only is Shayla a well recognized comedian, she is a motivational keynote speaker and often the host for gala's, fundraisers, award shows and festivals.

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