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Tommy Blaze

Tommy Blaze has been called America’s premiere relationship comic. For over two decades, he has entertained audiences from all walks of life. Blaze has performed in such diverse arenas as television, film, comedy clubs, colleges, military bases, casinos, cruise ships and churches. Tommy sums up his broad appeal with a simple statement, “Wherever you find men and women together, that’s where I’m needed.”

Tommy has appeared in numerous motion pictures and television shows including the NBC mega-hit Friends and the movies Rumpelstiltskin, Me Again and Marriage Retreat.

He continues to write films as well. Most recently he completed Brother White for the GMC (Gospel Music Chanel), and The Upper Room and Dancer and The Dame for PureFlix Entertainment.

Blaze discovered the source of wisdom and comic inspiration for his new CD Twice Bitten in a most unlikely place: The Holy Bible. Says Blaze, “The Bible is the best self help book ever written and comes with a triple your money back guarantee, but only if you read it.” Twice Bitten is neither sacrilegious nor sanctimonious, but rather an honest and hysterical depiction of why marriages and couples are in a present state of disarray.

Blaze is working on several other projects in addition to his stand-up. One Question For God is his new book that poses a simple scenario: If you could ask God one question, what would you ask? To date, Blaze has collected thousands of questions from across the globe.

Additionally, Blaze writes the net-based comic strip Knocking on Heaven’s Door, which follows the misadventures of a six-year-old boy and his very, special best friend.